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Jim Crow in Britain
Jim Crow in Britain
Documents: 1845
Documents: 1847
Documents: 1942-45
Links and Resources

Links and Resources

Further Reading

  • F Lawrence Babcock, Spanning the Atlantic (New York: Knopf, 1931).
  • Richard J M Blackett, Building an Antislavery Wall: Black Americans in the Atlantic Abolitionist Movement, 1830-1860 (Baton Rouge and London: Louisiana State University Press, 1983).
  • Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom [1855] (New York: Dover, 1969).
  • Alasdair Pettinger, '"At Sea - Coloured Passenger"' in Bernhard Klein and Gesa Mackenthun (ed), Sea Changes: Historicizing the Ocean (New York: Routledge, 2004).
  • John David Smith (ed), When Did Southern Segregation Begin? (Boston and New York: Bedford / St Martin's, 2002).
World War II
  • David Reynolds, Rich Relations: The American Occupation of Britain, 1942-1945 (London: Harper Collins, 1995).
  • David Reynolds, 'The Churchill Government and the Black American Troops in Britain during World War II', Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 5th series, 35 (1985), pp113-33.
  • Graham Smith, When Jim Crow Met John Bull (London: I B Tauris, 1987).
  • Christopher Thorne, 'Britain and the Black GI's: Racial Issues and Anglo-American Relations in 1942' in Border Crossings: Studies in International History (Oxford: 1988), pp259-74.
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