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Speaking Engagements

This is a list of the places where Douglass was known to have given lectures during his visit. It is based on the list published in John Blassingame (ed) The Frederick Douglass Papers. Series One: Speeches, Debates and Interviews. Volume 1: 1841-46 (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1979).

This volume reconstructs the text of some of his lectures from reports in local newspapers. These engagements are shown in bold type. Further research in local libraries and archives may uncover reports of some of the other lectures not included in Blassingame's collection.

10 Jan Glasgow
15 Jan Glasgow
23 Jan Perth
26 Jan Perth
27-28 Jan Dundee
30 Jan Dundee
9 Feb Dundee
10 Feb Arbroath
11-12 Feb Arbroath
18 Feb Glasgow
19-21 Feb Glasgow
9 Mar Montrose
10 Mar Dundee
17-20 Mar Paisley
23 Mar Ayr
24 Mar Ayr
25-27 Mar Kilmarnock, Paisley, Greenock
30 Mar Paisley
31 Mar Bonhill
1-14 Apr Hawick, Galashiels, Coldstream, Kelso
4 Apr Kilmarnock
6 Apr Paisley
15-16 Apr Glasgow
17 Apr Paisley
21 Apr Glasgow
23 Apr Glasgow
25-26 Apr Paisley
27 Apr Edinburgh
28 Apr Edinburgh
1 May Edinburgh
2 May Edinburgh
7 May Edinburgh


24 May Edinburgh
27 May Edinburgh
1 Jun Kirkcaldy
2-4 Jun Edinburgh
9 Jun Edinburgh

[Birmingham, Belfast]

31 Jul Edinburgh

[Newcastle, London, Bristol, etc]

22 Sep Greenock
23 Sep Paisley
24-25 Sep Edinburgh
28 Sep Dundee
29 Sep Edinburgh
30 Sep Glasgow
1 Oct Glasgow
2 Oct Glasgow

[Belfast, Manchester etc]

21 Oct Edinburgh
22 Oct Kirkcaldy
23 Oct Dundee
24 Oct Dundee, Aberdeen
28 Oct Glasgow
29 Oct Edinburgh

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