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Haiti and the Politics of the Universal

The programme for this two-day conference at Aberdeen University (Fri 12 to Sat 13 March 2010) has now been released.

Papers include:
  • Nick Nesbitt, Traversing Haiti, Beyond the Universal Phantasm
  • Charles Forsdick, 'Our Past, Our Presents,and Our Possible Futures': Situating Toussaint Louverture
  • Alberto Moreiras, Historicality and Historiography: Haiti and the Limits of World History
  • Deborah Jenson, Placing Haiti on the Geo-psychoanalytic Map: Hypnose, Pathologies of the Middle Passage, and the Creolization of the Unconscious
  • Kim Ives, How the Earthquake Has Affected Haiti's National Democratic Revolution and International Geopolitics
  • David Scott, The Theory of Haiti: The Black Jacobins and the Ethos of Universal History
  • Andrew Leak, Haiti's 'Nouveau Contract Social' of 2005: A Simulacrum of Citizenship
  • Chris Bongie, (Not) Razing the Walls: The Post-Politics of 'World Literature'
  • John Kranauskias, Haiti's Marvelous Revolution: Reflections on Alejo Carpentier's The Kingdom of this World
  • Valerie Kaussen, Ghosts of Universal History
  • Peter Hallward, Self-Emancipation and the Politics of Violence in Haiti
Full details in the Conference Programme. The event is free of charge. Enquiries to Nick Nesbitt.
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