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Some Recent Postings

tumblr logo Hugh Miller on the Genealogy of Money An intervention from The Witness newspaper, 1844 19 Aug 2017
soundcloud logo Aardvark Ringtone created with Sonic Pi 27 Mar 2017
vimeo logo And His Name is John Cena A modest contribution to an old meme. 29 Jan 2017
soundcloud logo Draymen Percussionists Monday morning, Galway 14 Aug 2016
vimeo logo Little Loch Shin A Scottish minute 30 Oct 2014
bulldozia logo Rasping the Silence My dad shares a sentence 16 Sep 2014
bulldozia logo The Bloody Gold Two women write about seeing Frederick Douglass in 1846 22 Aug 2014
soundcloud logo Partick Library A contribution to Disquiet Junto 127 7 Jun 2014
studies in travel writing logo Travel Books 2013 Ten that delighted critics during the year. 29 Dec 2013
studies in travel writing logo Numbered Rooms Travel writings about hotels: ten fine examples. 27 Dec 2013